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Failure Required

15 Dec

Everyone has goals they want to achieve and we all want success.  We can decide what we want, and then do what we must to make it ours. The options are limitless and what we do is completely up to us.  It’s good to strive for what we want, and aim for success in all our dealings. We can only control our own lives, and have no power over any one else’s decisions. If we’re in competition with someone else over something we both want, we may decide we’ll do anything to win. We may feel we need to not only prevail, but crush whoever is on the other side. It won’t be enough just to win – we need the other guy to fail, and fail miserably. Finding joy in someone else’s demise may bring us momentary satisfaction, but it will do nothing to enrich or enhance our lives moving forward. Making others suffer will never bring us lasting happiness. Crushing our opponent and ensuring they never challenge us again only eliminates one player.  There will always be a bigger fish, and we’re fools if we believe we’ll always win.  We can do anything we like, but we are accountable for every decision.  There is no free space in life where what we do doesn’t count. Everything counts.  We can push ourselves to achieve, and win many different confrontations, but if we destroy others to get there, the victory will be hollow.  There is no need to crush anyone to prove we are worth the prize. We can do our best and push forward, and allow others the same privilege. We have the potential to conquer great adversity, and overcome enormous challenges. By stepping forward with confidence, sure of success, and keeping our eyes on our own road, we will achieve every goal we desire.  Nothing is beyond our reach, and there is great success ahead.

Sometimes competitions become personal. We not only try to out do the other competitors, but in the heat of the moment, may fall prey to criticism and ridicule in an effort to exert our dominance. Making others feel small may make us seem big, but the decisions we make, even in competition, decide what kind of people we are.  We can understand that competition should be fair and open, and make good choices that move us ahead without degrading others. There is greatness in us all, and by honoring the talents of those around us and striving to be the best we can be, we will prevail and reach every goal.  

In every contest, there is a winner and a loser.  Sometimes people are concerned that the losers will feel bad, and decide to eliminate the winner and give everyone a participation trophy.  That’s fine but unfortunately real life doesn’t work that way.  All the roads ahead aren’t paved, and if we lose, nobody is going to give us a prize.   Learning how to deal with losing gives us the skills we need to face disappointment and loss.  We are strong and capable, and can certainly cope with missing the mark from time to time. By choosing to stay in the game, and continue trying, success will be ours and we will prevail.

Today if you’re determined to win and will do anything to crush your opposition, remember the person you most want to be.  You have so much to offer and great gifts to give.  Show us your light, and do your best.  Everyone is embellished and uplifted because you are here.  Be confident and sure.  Every success is already there for you and you will prevail.

Solo Journey

29 Nov

When we want to accomplish something specific we may have a driving need to move forward that consumes us. We become determined and our focus is laser sharp. If others try to help or join in we may tell them we want to go it alone, preferring to manage all the decisions ourselves and control our progress. But climbing alone will lead us to the summit by ourselves. And when we get to the top there will be no one there to share the victory. It’s great to win but it can feel hallow if there is nobody to celebrate with us. Including others as we move forward heightens our experience and enhances our feelings of accomplishment. When there are others with us to celebrate the victory, it feels more intense and the shared happiness is profound. We can do anything we want to all by ourselves, but if we let others share the journey the reward will be sweeter.

When we’re pushing forward toward a goal we know what we want to do. We make decisions that move us closer to the destination and keep our eyes looking forward. But when we do it all by ourselves we have only the wisdom and insight of one. Everybody has a different perspective and we all have gifts to offer. How we see a situation may be entirely different from the way someone else sees it. If we seek the advice and counsel of others as we press forward we have the benefit of seeing things through other eyes. Being able to understand a situation from someone else’s perspective may open up new avenues for us to follow and new ideas for success. We may see things we couldn’t see before. Letting others in as we move forward will broaden our horizons and may open up completely new roads to the goal.

When we want to get to a destination before anyone else it may be hard to share. We want to be the winner and prove ourselves, by ourselves. We can do anything alone and hope we’ll see every road possible to get there first. We might succeed but if we let others share their impressions and suggestions we have the benefit of many ideas which may get us there faster. We can always fly solo if we want to. We can always do things all by ourselves and show the world how competent and capable we are. But if we open up and let others share the journey we may get to the goal faster and more expertly. Two heads are better than one and two ideas offer more options than one. We can let others in and find glory together. And then at the top when victory is ours the celebration will be richer and more meaningful.

Today if you’ve been working alone and forging ahead by yourself remember those around you. There are many ideas and interpretations to every situation and you can’t see them all. Let others share the journey and enhance the experience by broadening your scope. You’ll get to the destination faster and more successfully. You can’t see every perspective by yourself. Enhance your experience by letting other join the journey. When you get to the end you’ll be happier as you share the victory.