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Reverse Engines

6 Apr

When we’re moving forward through our lives we may be in situations that push us one direction or another blocking our way ahead, or there may be unexpected surprises that alter our course going forward.  If we are determined to reach the goal we can take all the complications and issues in stride and find a way around them.  But sometimes we may find we’re headed toward something we don’t want.  Maybe our personal circumstances have changed since we started out, or maybe the destination isn’t exactly what we thought it was at the beginning.  Whatever the reason if we determine the path we’re on isn’t right for us we can stop, reverse engines, and turn around toward something else.  If we’re traveling forward with others who still want the goal ahead we may face push back if we decide to step away.  Many people like things to stay the same and don’t want change to interfere with their plans.  If they have authority over us or we esteem them in some way, we may continue forward to keep the peace but our personal desires are important and will constantly niggle at us.  Doing things we don’t want will never make us happy.  Our personal desires are important and by choosing the roads that take us where we really want to go we will find peace and contentment.  Time spent in pursuits we don’t care about is precious time wasted.  We can choose what’s best for us and re-route our direction at any time.  Every choice we make takes us somewhere.  It’s up to us to ensure the choices we’re making today will take us where we want to be tomorrow.  If we’re on the wrong road, we can step off.  If we’re going in the wrong direction, we can turn around.  We are in control of our decisions and our happiness depends on making them well.  Everything is possible and we can go anywhere we want to go.

If we’re timid and unsure we might allow someone else to tell us where we should go and what we should do.  Those around us may have good suggestions but the only person with true inspiration and insight into our lives is us.  We know ourselves better than anyone else.  We can listen to the advice of others and then choose what we want most.  Every road is possible and nothing is out of reach.  We are strong enough and wise enough to make excellent decisions and accomplish anything we choose.

Nobody is perfect and there will be times when we make a choice that doesn’t work out.  If we choose a path that doesn’t bring us success, we can choose again.  There are many roads to every destination.  We can choose and, if need be, choose again until we reach the goal.  The possibilities are endless.  We know what we want and we can find our way to any destination we truly desire. Life is a great blessing.  We can live each day fully and do everything possible to make all our dreams come true.

Today if the road you’ve been traveling isn’t going where you really want to go, step off and redirect your course.  You know what you want.  Be fearless and choose the path that will take you to it.  Every option is available.  You are strong and powerful, and nothing is too far to reach.  Move forward toward success.  There is nothing you can’t do.


Hand Over Hand

15 Sep

Climbing a rope is hard. No matter how much we weigh, pulling our entire bodies up inch by inch is strenuous and difficult. If we are very strong it’s easier but the first time we try we may be surprised at how much effort it takes to pull up even the smallest bit. Hand over hand we pull and each tug takes us up a little further. If the rope is long and we want to reach the top it requires constant strain and determination. It’s hard work but once we’ve completed the task, the reward will be great. When we’re trying to accomplish something difficult it can be like climbing a rope. We pull and reach and make a little progress but if it’s complicated every step forward may take serious effort. Big challenges take time but each step forward takes us a little closer to the goal. If we get tired we can rest, and the goal will wait for us. We are capable of focusing on where we want to go and there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish if we want to badly enough. We can pull and tug taking each step with determination and we can overcome any obstacle in our way.

There are countless opportunities in life. There is no end to what we can learn and experience if we choose to. We can change our lives any way we want to – learn a new language, travel the world, teach a class, go skydiving, become a chef, run a marathon, or anything else we can imagine. There is more to do and see and learn than we could ever accomplish. Every new activity will take us out of our norm. We may be uncomfortable at the beginning as we learn the new skills and the change in environment may be foreign to us. But we are extremely flexible and there isn’t anything we can’t adapt to if our motivation is sufficient. If we want to do something new all it takes is the decision to do it and the determination to master it.

If we like we can have predictable and comfortable lives and never think about changing or attempting to climb any ropes. We know where we are, we know what to expect, and there is comfort in routine. But routine will only give us the growth we can find in doing the same things. Of course, we can become experts where we are and that is a noble goal, but new experiences will open the doors to growth and understanding. If we are timid, we can try new things that are similar to what is familiar. If we are more adventurous we can go far out of our reach and do something entirely different. Our personal experiences are up to us but the further we reach the more we’ll learn and the more confident we will become. We are capable of conquering new goals and stretching our abilities. We are often stronger and more flexible than we think and we may find we are far more courageous than we may have imagined.

Today if you’ve been pulling and tugging to get further down the road and you’re feeling the strain, keep moving forward. If you’ve been comfortable and want to stretch, reach out and grab hold of something new. You have everything you need to succeed and are stronger and more capable than you imagine. Press forward. There isn’t anything you can’t do and you’ll reach any goal you set your sights on.