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Power Outage

21 Jul
We’re all very busy in this day and age.  We might have family responsibilities, jobs, chores or tasks that never seem to end.  With the technology available to us, we are rarely out of touch with others.  We carry our laptops, tablets, and smart phones with us, and people are continually contacting us.  This constant availability and our continued responsibilities can wear on us.  We can become overwhelmed with fatigue, and get burned out.  And when that happens, everything we do may suffer.  Our concentration is off, our energy level is down, and we’re just going through the motions.
When it all catches up to us, and we are burned out, we have to stop.  At that point, stopping is the only way to go forward.  We have to take some time for ourselves, take a break, turn off all our gadgets, and get some respite for a while.  We can, and we should plan time for ourselves every single day.  We can keep our batteries charged instead of waiting for them to die completely if we take a little time for ourselves.  It doesn’t usually take much.  Just a short time for personal pleasure every day – say fifteen minutes in the morning, and then again in the afternoon – may prevent a full blown power outage.  During our down time we could just goof off, lie in the sun, read a book, take a walk or whatever else we enjoy.  We can regroup and rest for a moment before starting again.  We work hard every day.  We do a lot.  We deserve a break, and we need to take it.
It takes planning to prevent burn out, but sometimes we don’t take the time to make a plan.  We know if we’re working all the time the crash is going to come, but instead of planning for time out, instead of scheduling a break, we sometimes just keep pushing forward.  There is the next thing on our list that needs to be tended to.  There is that project coming up we’ve already put off twice that must be done.  There is so much to do, we can get lost in the busy-ness of it, and forget we need a break.  But we’re important, and we deserve to be at our best.  We can only do that if we remember to schedule time for ourselves along with the time we’re scheduling for everyone else.
Today if you’re feeling burned out, and exhausted, just stop for a while.  Take a break.  Go outside, get away from your phone and your computer, and take a breather.  Give yourself recess.  Take the very best care of yourself.  The time you take to refresh is as important as anything else you will do today.  Take it.  You’ll feel stronger, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll be happier.  You deserve every good thing.  Today schedule time just for you.  You are the most important person on your list today.

Free Space

12 May

Our world is a busy place. We have a lot to do every day, and no matter how much we get done, there is more waiting for us. We are glued to our smart phones, iPads, day planners, and calendars. We constantly check our email, voice mail, Twitter, and Facebook, and a dozen other things. It’s an invasive and constant situation. Of course, life hasn’t always been this way, but the technology age is here, and whether we like it or not, we are part of it. When we add our daily routines of work, chores, errands, gym, walking the dogs, cooking, cleaning up, and everything else we have to do, it gets exhausting, and can be overwhelming. After a time we need a break.

Taking time for ourselves is not just an option, it’s a necessity. We need to plan for time down, without the electronics, without the phone, without the pressure. Just time to recharge, and rest. For some of us that may include time spent with family or friends. Or it might mean an outing to a museum, or gallery. We might decide to stay home, and just veg on the couch with a good book. If we have the time and resources, it could mean a vacation trip to someplace we’ve always wanted to go. Whatever it means to us, whatever it takes to rejuvenate ourselves, that’s what we need.

But in order to make it happen, we need to plan for it. We need to write it in our day planners, enter it into our smart phones, and if we’re working, we need to request the time off. Once we have it planned we must commit that no matter what happens, outside of a natural disaster, atomic explosion or death, we will follow through, and take the time.

I have a family member who works constantly. He is always extremely busy with one project or another. He makes lots of plans, and he completes them. He goes to his regular job during the day, and when he finishes there, he starts working on the project of the month. He is always coming up with new and ingenious ideas, which are great, but he seems unable to see that all he does is work. He is not married because he doesn’t have time to date. He doesn’t go on vacation because he has too much to do and can’t ‘find’ the time. He rarely visits his family because he doesn’t want to stop the progress he’s making on item A, B, or C. He works constantly. As a result, he is always tired, and he has few friends. He isn’t happy with his life like it is, but he says working this hard now will ensure that in the future he’ll have the freedom he wants. Well, that might happen. Or he might find that this will become his lifelong model, and he’ll never stop to get to that freedom.

No matter how much we do, we will never be completely done with what comes next. Life is a continuous process. There is no end until we die. Work will expand to fill the time we give it – no matter how much time that encompasses. We can work 24/7 if we like, and we still won’t be done. So, either we control the work or the work controls us. If the work is controlling us, when do we get to live our lives?

Plan for time down. Plan for it. And then take it. Take the time you need to recharge your batteries. Turn off the phone. Turn off the computer. Shut down the iPad. Forget about Twitter feeds, and what’s happening on Facebook. Go outside. Take a walk. Take a nap. Go skateboarding. Go surfing. Play tennis. Do whatever makes you happy. Take time apart from your usual schedule to restore. If we can do this regularly, we will have more energy when we return to our busy lives, more excitement for what we’re doing, and more happiness in the long run. This life will take everything we give it. We need to make sure we give something back to ourselves.