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Out of the Light

20 Aug

We determine what is right for us and where our ethical and moral boundaries lie.  When we’re true to the standards that define us we can be authentic in our expressions and genuine in our responses.  There will be opportunities every day to compromise ourselves and step away from the boundaries we’ve set.  If we decide to venture into areas outside the borders we’ve defined as what’s best for us, the foundations we’ve built will be left behind and we’ll step onto a road that will take us somewhere we’ve never been.  We may think we’re only stepping out of the light for a moment, and then we’ll return, but life continually moves forward and it’s possible that although we only intend to set our standards aside for a moment, what we do may make it difficult to return to them.  If we point our compass away from the values we’ve previously set, it may be hard to turn it back and start again.  We can always change our lives and no roads are closed indefinitely but the patterns we choose and connections we make can be powerful.  One step away from who we are takes us closer to becoming someone else.  Letting go of our personal values and standards will never make us into the people we most want to become.  One thing always leads to another and every choice will bring a result.  We can carefully look ahead and make choices that take us where we want to go and help us to live our best.

Dishonesty will never bring us lasting happiness.  One lie often leads to another, and then another, and before we know it we may find we’ve forgotten what’s real.  It’s possible to create a life of mirages and illusion that has no basis in fact or reality.  We can tell people anything we like, pretend to be someone we aren’t, and manipulate the truth any way that paves the way forward.  If we are proficient we may fool others for a long time but eventually the truth will rise and we’ll be left with nothing but our lies for companions.

If we want something badly, we may be tempted to step out of line for a moment and cheat – just this once – in order to get it.  We may justify the action by thinking we’ll only do this one time but if we’re successful and don’t get caught it’s possible we’ll try it again.  If we continue over and over it’ll become our new norm and we may lose our sense of what is right altogether.  Our lives are ours to design.  We can be dishonest, unethical, manipulative, and as slippery as we want.  Or we can hold fast to the values we cherish and no matter what, choose the right.  The lives we have will be reflected in each choice we make.  We are strong enough, wise enough, and brave enough to choose wisely and live with excellence.

Today if you’ve stepped away from your personal standards, decide what kind of person you want to be.  You can find authenticity and perfection by choosing to be honest in all your dealings.  The roads to your dreams are straight and true.  Hold fast to the values you cherish and choose the right at every turn.  Your light will shine brightly and every door will open for you.

The sky is blue, the grass is green.

15 Apr

Some time ago while going through a particularly difficult time in my life, a very good friend told me that when I felt my worst I should take pleasure in the small things. “Go outside,” he said. “Take a walk and feel the breeze on your face. Watch it turn the leaves on the trees. Notice the way the sun feels. Pay attention.” He promised me that if I did that, my spirits would be lifted, and I would feel better.

Honestly, I didn’t believe him. I was really having a hard time, under so much stress. and I felt horrible. How on earth was a walk outside going to help me? But one day, feeling completely defeated, I took his advice, put on my tennis shoes and went outside. I mean, I had nothing to lose. As I began to walk down the lane, I looked around. I paid attention to the little things as he had suggested – the sound of my neighbor’s son riding his bicycle, the smell of a distant barbecue cooking something delicious, the feel of the sun’s rays on my arms, and the freshness of the air. I walked for a while and continued to listen, to feel, and to see, and soon I began to notice I wasn’t so upset. I wasn’t so overwhelmed. He was right – I felt better.

Since that experience I have made it a point to be outside more, especially when I’m feeling pressed. Instead of brooding and worrying, I take a walk, I pay attention, and again notice the small things that bring me comfort. And it helps a lot. But sometimes there isn’t time for a nice walk when I’m feeling low, so I have developed a little mantra that I say to myself when I am overrun or stressed, and can’t get away. I sit for just a moment, close my eyes, take a deep breath, and repeat in my mind, “The sky is blue, the grass is green.” I envision a gorgeous blue sky, and brilliantly green grass, and I imagine the feeling of the breeze on my face. As I sit there for just a moment, I am reminded that there are other things to think about. Somewhere, even if it’s raining where I am, somewhere the sky is blue and the grass is green. The breeze is soft and warm, there are birds singing, and all is not lost. That little mantra has calmed me more times than I can count. It’s just a small reminder that what I’m going through is isolated and will change, and there are better things coming my way.

Today if you’re feeling stressed, if you’re feeling bad, take a moment, just a moment, sit still, close your eyes, take a breath, and think about something that makes you relax, that brings you comfort. Maybe work on developing your own mantra for times when you’re unsettled and need some relief. “The sky is blue, the grass is green.” Yes, it is. And sometimes that’s all it takes.