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The Missing Piece

7 Feb

It’s disappointing to do a jigsaw puzzle and get to the end only to discover we’ve lost a piece. Every piece is in place except one. No matter how many pieces fit into the design the last one missing ruins the picture. There’s a hole glaring at us that can’t be filled. It’s obvious and undeniable. In our lives there may be times when we feel insignificant, or that somehow, we don’t count or don’t matter. It can be hard to feel important, especially if we’re in a group of outspoken and powerful people. If we’re quiet and timid, we may drift into the background and all but disappear. But each of us is unique and offer gifts to the world nobody else can offer. Our lives matter, and are important. Each of us is like a piece of the puzzle. We’re all needed. If even one is missing, there will be a loss. Our voices are critical to the entire piece and even if they’re soft, we need to hear them. The world is huge, and can be overwhelming. There are billions of people, and we might feel there’s no way we could possibly make a difference. But each time we extend ourselves to help someone else, each time we speak up, and each time we step forward, we change the world around us. Like a pebble in a pond, our actions extend far beyond where we are and make the world a better place. Everything we do changes something. We can participate, be confident and share our thoughts and opinions. The world needs our ideas and we are integral to everything that’s happening. We can be confident we matter and remember our importance each day.

Every choice we make has a result. If we are kind and approachable, those around us will be more open and welcoming than if we are rude and aloof. A sealed box hides what’s inside until we open it. If we shut ourselves off from those around us, they will never know who we are or what we can offer. However, if we’re open and receptive to letting others in, we can build a great network of personal connections that can embellish and enhance our lives. We have so much to offer. Allowing others to share it will bring us satisfaction and happiness.

Small gestures of kindness and support can bring great results. A reassuring smile can help someone through a difficult day. If our attitude is one of friendship and understanding, we can bring great benefit to our lives and to those around us. Others will learn they can rely on us when they feel unsure and we’ll build a feeling of companionship and support. We’re all connected more deeply than we realize. We can be the one piece that turns everything around toward a happier and more complete result.

Today if you feel you’re insignificant and don’t count, remember your voice is a piece of the great puzzle. You are important and valued, and we all need you. Nobody can give the gifts you possess. Your voice is important and we want to hear it. You bring a unique and valuable perspective. Speak up and let us know who you are. The whole world is blessed because you are here.

Three Seconds

7 Jun

Think about the immense nature of time. When we think of how long the universe has been in existence, how long the earth has been here, and we ponder eternity, it’s hard to grasp. Eternity – a concept where time always was, and always will be. Forever both ways is difficult to understand. We have finite minds, and things with beginnings and endings make sense to us. Thinking about things that continue forever is almost impossible to comprehend. And if we ponder time overall, we understand how enormous it is. When we compare that to our lives, we realize that the period of time we spend on earth is really but a moment. Even if our lives are long, they are but a snapshot when compared to the everlasting nature of time itself.

Think of our time here as three seconds. We have three seconds to live this life, make all our decisions, and try to learn as much as we can. Three seconds. It goes by fast. It goes by faster when we’re busy, and we’re all busy. But even as it races by, we have the chance to make an impact. We can change the world in small ways. But we can only do that if we pay attention, and don’t put things off.

Small choices every day have the potential to create big changes. If we want to create those changes, we must be aware of who we are, and learn to share what we can with those around us. If we take the time to notice others, and do our part to impact their lives for good, we can initiate great change. We can move mountains. We are all connected in more ways than we realize. We are all here together.

One way to effect change is to be kind. Kindness has incredible power to make the world better. Lives can be changed through small acts of kindness. Extending the hand of friendship to someone who is lonely, listening to someone who is suffering, helping someone who is lost find their way – all can change the world for good. Just saying hello to someone as you pass them has the ability to lift spirits. We don’t have to win a Nobel prize, we don’t have to climb Mt. Everest, and we don’t have to invent something that revolutionizes the world. If we’re just kind every day to those around us, we can have an enormous impact for good. Others will notice, and some will follow our example. Then, some of those they touch will do the same, and the impact of one small act of kindness will create an expansive ripple effect for good.

We don’t all have big lives. We aren’t all rulers, kings, and leaders. But we all have the ability to change the world. We have three seconds. Use them to be kind. Use them to be caring. Today, use them for good. Make an impact. You have the power to change the world. Use that power today.