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Have Mercy

12 Mar

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time.  We don’t know everything and sometimes we choose the wrong path for many different reasons.  When we choose badly and hurt those around us, we may ask for forgiveness in an effort to move forward more easily.  It’s good to forgive others when they’ve hurt us.  Carrying around anger from an issue in the past can hold us back and rob our freedom.  If we hold onto anger and disappointment it may keep us from happiness, and the weight of the load may make us miserable.  Forgiving someone for something egregious doesn’t justify or excuse their behavior, but allows us to let go of the pain and be free of the anger.  It’s good to have mercy on others when they’ve erred, and shake away anything holding us in place.  When we’ve been hurt or offended, when someone has done something to diminish us or harm us, we may forgive them knowing the act of forgiving them is for us, to release us from the pain.  Mercy is an act of compassion and kindness, and we can have mercy even when it’s difficult.  Everyone is responsible for every decision they make and mercy will never remove accountability or justice.  Even if we’ve been forgiven, we must answer for every choice.  Nobody is perfect and there will be times when we all make mistakes.  We can only control our own decisions and if we’ve been hurt, we can forgive and move on.  Life is long and we have unlimited experiences as we navigate forward.  We need not carry any pain along with us.  We can have mercy, let go, and trust that justice will prevail.

Revenge seems like a good idea when we’ve been hurt.  It seems fair to even to the score and inflict on someone else what they’ve done to us – or worse.  We all want life to be fair, and may try hard to make sure we’re always fair and appropriate with those around us.  If we’ve been treated badly, we may be tempted to strike back in an effort to make things right.  But lowering our standards to those who have done something wrong will only prove we can do what they’ve done.  It will never elevate us, or make us better.

Allowing those who choose badly to be accountable for what they’ve done instead of trying to punish them is appropriate.  When we’ve been hurt we can determine to continue to be the best we can be and live up to the personal standard we’ve set.  Our lives belong to us and what we do is our responsibility.  Instead of evening the score when we’ve been hurt, we can choose instead to overcome it.  There is nothing more important or powerful than our personal integrity.  Choosing well, despite the choices of others will bring us satisfaction and happiness.

Today if someone has hurt you or done something untoward or hateful to you, remember who you are and honor your personal standards.  You are capable of greatness and nothing is more important than your personal integrity.  Rise above contention and choose nobility.  Nothing can diminish you or hold you in place.  Move forward with confidence.  You are amazing and incredible, and there is great success ahead.

Good Things and Bad People

1 Dec

Most of us have a sense of what is fair and how life should be balanced. We believe the unjust and mean should be punished and the righteous and kind should be rewarded. It seems reasonable that good works should bring blessings and evil should result in pain. But it doesn’t always work out that way. We’ve all seen bad people become successful and wickedness rewarded. It doesn’t make sense when it happens and can be hard to accept. Some people believe in Karma – that whatever we do will return to us someday. Along that same line is the law of the harvest which states we will reap what we sow. While it’s true that eventually we will answer for everything we do, whether good or bad, it may not happen right away. When we see hateful, mean, dishonest people move ahead and find success it’s hard to accept, but sometimes good things happen to bad people. However, there is a balance in life and eventually we will all answer for our actions no matter what they are. We might get away with being a snake for a while but eventually the mongoose will show up. There really is no such thing as a free lunch. Eventually we all pay the price for our actions.

As we live our lives we may pretend to be any kind of person we like. We can say anything and it’s often not too difficult to deceive others. We can look the part of a patient and honest individual, appearing to do what’s right when we’re really cheating everyone we come in contact with and breaking every rule that suits us to get ahead. We may fool everyone for a while and get away with the lies but eventually who we really are will shine through. There is no way to fool everyone indefinitely and it’s impossible to keep up a perfect charade over time. Truth always rises and cannot be hidden forever. The smoke will clear and we’ll be exposed. In the end, dishonesty cannot prevail.

When we were children our teachers and parents told us to play fair. They taught us to share and give so we could get along with others. As we mature we learn that although it’s good to be fair, the world isn’t really fair all of the time. Bad people win, the wicked prevail, and sometimes lies get rewarded. Not everyone will treat us honestly and with respect, and sometimes there will be nothing we can do about it. It’s hard to accept that good things sometimes happen to bad people but we can still choose to be valiant. No harm can come from being kind, decent, loving and caring. Honesty and integrity will bring us respect and confidence knowing we are doing what is right. We may not always prevail at first, but if we choose wisely and ethically we will always be right. We can impact the world positively by doing our best and setting the example for good.

Today if you see someone getting ahead through dishonesty and deceit remember there is nothing more valuable than truth and integrity. Your choices determine who you are and you can choose well. Decide to be the best you can and be an example to those around you. You have the power to change the world. Be the light of truth and show the way.