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Not An Option

11 Jan

There are endless possibilities to try new things as we go through our lives. We can push our limits and go for any goal we choose. If we pursue all the things we desire, our lives will be filled with interest and satisfaction. We can reach for any experience we’re pondering and move toward it at any time. New things can be intimidating, but if we knew failure wasn’t an option and success was guaranteed, imagine what we could do. We could climb the highest mountains, go to the ends of the earth, and accomplish everything we imagine. Of course, there are no real guarantees in life, but when we want to try something new, if we decide failure isn’t possible before we begin, chances are we’ll succeed. If we believe nothing can stop us, every complication will be diminished and we’ll find a way around every blockade. Our confidence will take us through any problem and we’ll keep moving forward. Nothing can stop us if we’re willing to do what it takes to succeed. Believing in ourselves, trusting our instincts, and knowing we will not stop – no matter what – will take us all the way to the finish line. There isn’t anything we can’t do. We have everything we need to win and when we’re convinced we will prevail, nothing can stop us. We are capable of great things and are wise and strong. We can do anything we think we can. Every dream is possible and we can have the lives we most desire. If we believe we will succeed, nothing is out of reach.

We’re in control of our lives and if we’re not happy or feel unfulfilled we can change where we are and what we’re doing. We can’t control all the circumstances around us, but we can control what we do about them. If we’re in a difficult situation, complaining and doing nothing won’t help. We can change our position and create a better life that brings us happiness and contentment. Life isn’t in control of us, we are. If we’re not happy, we can make choices and turn toward something better. In the end, we all get the lives we wanted most based on the decisions we’ve made.

Fear may be a factor when we’re seeking something new. We know where we are now and have a good idea of what we can expect going forward. Stepping away from what we know toward foreign territory can be unsettling but our best experiences come when we push ourselves. There are endless possibilities and incredible adventures waiting for us. We’re brave enough to step toward them and open our lives to every option. Life is a great blessing. Living it to the fullest, taking every chance at happiness, and embracing new ideas will bring us incredible happiness and complete gratification.

Today if you’ve been thinking about pushing toward something new but aren’t sure you can succeed, convince yourself that failure is not an option. You have everything you need to manage anything that stands in your way. Every dream you imagine is possible. Push forward and be confident. You can do amazing things and every possibility is there for you. Nothing can keep you from success.

What We Have

28 Dec

Today, getting more, being more, doing more, and buying more seem to be a constant focus. The message we hear over and over is that no matter where we are, or what we have, it isn’t enough. We should be striving for more in one way or another. If we believe it, we may spend more money than we have for things we don’t need but think we deserve, and do things we don’t really want but feel we should achieve. It can be confusing to figure out where we are and where we want to be with all the influences around us telling us where we should be. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our lives are our own to design and it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of them. We don’t have to dress a certain way, we don’t have possess material things that show status, and we don’t have to become people we don’t want to be. We are enough as we are, and often what we already have is enough to make us happy.

There are limitless things we can do with our lives, countless things we can acquire, and an infinite number of expressions we may adopt. They all have their benefits and draw backs, and we can choose whatever we like. We can get hung up trying to impress others and mimic a lifestyle they embrace instead of one that is genuinely our own. If we don’t want to work out in a gym but prefer to walk in the park, we should walk in the park. If we can’t afford a new car even if everyone around us says we need one or deserve one, we don’t have to buy it. We don’t have to put on airs or pretend to be something we aren’t. We can recognize and accept that who we are and what we have is sufficient. If it doesn’t match what someone else thinks we should have, it’s their problem to deal with. Not ours.

Being grateful for where we are and what we have is a blessing and will bring us contentment and satisfaction. Constantly chasing after something new, something better, or something we feel we deserve can be exhausting. If we’re always chasing something we don’t have, it’s impossible to be grateful for what we’ve already got. We end up living in the future, waiting until we get this or that, or until we achieve one goal or another, and our lives go by day after day without our notice. Each day we have is a gift and the most important thing we can do is live in the moment and appreciate our days as they go by. We are enough just as we are today. We can strive for greatness but while we work on getting there, we can appreciate where we are now. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve our lives, but we have a lot already, and it’s good to recognize that. Everything we want will come to us if we want it badly enough. While we’re moving toward it, we can embrace our lives as they are right now and be happy. Happiness is a gift we give ourselves. Setting our own personal standards helps us achieve it.

Today if you’ve been pushing forward and only looking ahead to what is coming next, stop for a moment and see where you are. You have a lot already and while you’re seeking for something more, don’t forget to appreciate today. You’re great right where you are now. Be happy with what you’ve already achieved and continue to press forward with your eyes on the goal but your feet firmly planted in the present. You have a great life. Live every day wide awake and aware of all you have. You’ll be happier and more content going forward.