Sticks and Rocks

4 Mar

There is a lot of uncertainty in life and we never know what will happen next. There’s no way to see what’s around the next bend or what lies ahead. The best we can do is build the best foundation possible in our plans, and modify them as needed to accommodate whatever changes may come. When laying the foundation for a road, the area is plowed smooth and cleared of debris before the first layer of pavement is applied. If rocks and sticks are left in the way and get covered, as they move or disintegrate, they will compromise the strength of the base being prepared. As we try to lay a strong foundation for the future, if we ignore problems that need our attention, or leave issues unsettled, just like sticks and rocks in the foundation, our plans may become unstable and falter. Nobody likes to face difficult, hard to manage situations but looking the other way and pretending they don’t exist will never help us move forward. Crap happens, and it’s going to happen to us all at some point. What we do when things go wrong will impact how successful we are as we move ahead. By taking the time to unravel complications and find solutions to problems as they arise, we can pave the road ahead and make our journey easier. We are wiser and more capable than we imagine, and there isn’t anything too complex or hard for us to overcome. Every destination is possible if we take care of problems along the way, build a solid foundation, and do what is needed to succeed. We can go anywhere and do anything, and nothing is out of reach.

When there is a lot to do or a long way to go, we may look for shortcuts and ways to make the journey easier. Shortcuts may seem like a good idea, and sometimes they work out just fine, but if we miss necessary steps that ensure our success, they may come back to bite us in the end. If there’s a big event coming up we want to look our best for and have put off losing the ten pounds we wanted to lose before it happens, we may decide to go on a starvation diet to try and lose it all in two weeks. That’s definitely a short cut but it’s so extreme it may not work. By looking at the goal clearly and openly, we can choose the best way to achieve it without taking shortcuts, and reach success.

If we want to accomplish something, but do nothing to prepare to get to the goal, it’s unlikely we’ll get there. If we need to alter our plans due to complications or unforeseen changes, we can. If we need more information, we can get it. If we need help, we can ask for it. Everything we desire is possible, but we must put forth the effort required to make it ours. We are powerful and strong, and have all the wisdom we need to do anything we like. Every goal is possible, and when we’re ready, nothing can keep us from success.

Today if there’s something you want to do, begin laying the foundation to begin. You have everything necessary to prevail and all the answers you need are there for you. Decide what you want the most, and chart your course forward. Every dream is possible, and nothing is too difficult or complicated for you to manage. Trust yourself and be confident. All your dreams are there waiting. Step forward and make them yours.


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