Waiting to Begin

22 Feb

We can do anything we like and there are endless options from which to choose. We can go anywhere and accomplish any goal we desire, creating the lives we want the most. There is never a time when we must stay where we are or continue doing something that isn’t fulfilling or doesn’t move us closer to where we want to be. But nothing changes without effort. We can do all our research, make an excellent plan, get everything ready and be completely prepared to move ahead, but everything will remain the same until we actually move forward. Starting a new journey takes courage, and there will never be a perfect time to begin. If we stand and wait until everything falls into place, and every road ahead is clear, we may never move. There will be few times in life when the way forward toward our goal is completely paved and open, ready to glide us easily to the destination. Life is complicated and there are always a lot of unknowns. If we wait for the perfect opening before we start, odds are we’ll never go anywhere. We are intelligent and highly capable and can trust ourselves that no matter what we face moving forward, we’ll be able to manage and continue on. The road may twist around, we might get stuck a time or two, there may be things in the way or people blocking our path. It doesn’t matter how complex the journey becomes. We are powerful and wise, and can find our way through. By stepping forward with confidence and pushing ahead no matter what happens, we will reach success. We can have the lives we dream of and achieve every goal. Nothing is out of reach and we will succeed.

In order to prepare to attend a big event, we can put on the right clothes, make sure we have our tickets, get our car keys and do whatever else needs to be done before we leave. After completing everything, if all we do is stand at the door, ready to go, but never open it and proceed, we will miss the entire production. Of course, we would never do such a foolish thing, but making big plans for what we most want to accomplish, and then doing nothing to put those plans into action is the same thing. Talk is cheap and changes nothing. We can do anything we like, but we actually have to do what is needed to make it ours.

Dreaming is important. It helps us define what we want the most and motivates us to move forward. We can dream all we like, and make endless lists for how we’re going to do whatever we’re thinking about. Planning is important, but that is only the first step. Nobody is going to grant our fondest wishes just because we made a great plan to achieve them. We are strong and intelligent, and already know what we want. Every goal is possible, and with determination and focus, we can make them ours.

Today if you’ve been planning to start on a goal you want to achieve, but haven’t yet begun forward, take the first step. You are amazing and powerful, and nothing is out of reach. Trust yourself and be confident. The whole world is there for you and every success is possible. Keep your eyes on the goal, and move forward toward success. Every blessing is waiting and you will make them yours.

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