A Million Steps

11 Feb

We all have ideas about what we want to do, where we want to go, and the kind of people we want to be. When we ponder the attributes we want to gain and master, we may be overwhelmed at how far we have to go and hard it will be to achieve them. It may seem like we’ll have to take a million steps – a million steps forward just to get there. It might be difficult, it might be far away, and it might take a long time to reach the goal. If we aren’t determined to win, the chances of success will be slim. But if we really want the goal, if we’ve set our minds on reaching it, it does not matter how hard the journey will be or how long it will take. Every step forward will take us closer. On days when we feel confident and energetic, we may move the ball far ahead. Other times when our lives are complicated and we’re stressed, nothing may change. The goal will always be there waiting, and there will always be a way to reach it. We don’t have to get there today, or tomorrow, next week or even next year. There is no cutoff date or end that will stop us from pressing ahead. With persistence and patience, we can proceed in ways that move us closer, and in time, however long it takes, we will succeed. Every destination is possible and we are stronger and wiser than we think we are. Nothing can keep us from reaching any goal we desire.

There are often many responsibilities and tasks we need to address. We have families, friends, jobs, and endless things that take our focus and keep us busy. It’s important to take care of our lives and do what needs to be done, but even when we’re busy, we can set time aside for what we most want to accomplish. By keeping our personal goals in focus and doing something every day to move us a little closer, we will reach every destination we desire.

Our personal choices are ours to make and we don’t need anyone else’s agreement or permission. If the goal is difficult and we’ve been pushing forward for a while, someone may tell us to give it up. They may say it’s too hard and we should be happy with what we have. We can certainly take any advice we like, but nobody knows us better than we know ourselves. We know what we want, and with focus and determination, we will have it.

Today if you want a change in your life, but it’s far away and hard to reach, trust yourself. You are amazing and powerful, and nothing is too difficult for you to manage. Step forward toward your dreams and keep your eyes focused on the goal. Every single destination is already there for you. Be confident and stand strong. You are incredibly capable, and you will prevail.


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