Putting It All On Red

5 Jan

There are unlimited things we can accomplish as we move through our lives. Aside from barriers out of our control, we are only restricted by our own choices. We can move to a new place, change careers, learn a new language, travel to far away places, and a million other options. When we want to do something big, something that will change everything, we must be committed to making it happen. If we just kind of, sort of think we’d like to get there, we’ll kind of, sort of succeed, which is no success at all. We are powerful and capable of doing just about anything we desire, but we must be willing to do what is necessary to reach the goal. Some things look good at the beginning, but after we start we may see they are far more difficult and complex than we thought, or they involve doing things we don’t like, or they’re messy. If we’re committed to the goal, nothing is strong enough to keep us from it, but we must be focused and determined to prevail. If we’re willing to take the big leap, and keep moving forward no matter what gets in the way, we will succeed. There is greatness in us all and we are certainly able to do many amazing and wonderful things. We already possess all the wisdom and courage we need to start, and if we get stuck along the way, the answers will be there for us. Our lives are ours to design, and every success is possible.

There is little wisdom in gambling, but if we do, putting all our money on red may not work out for us the way we plan. When we’re trying to accomplish a big goal, we may feel we’ve got to give it everything – all our time, all our focus, and all our attention. We may neglect everything else in our lives just to move closer to where we most want to be. It’s good to be determined, but our lives are complicated and letting everything else suffer for one goal does not guarantee success. We can be wise and take care of our responsibilities and still remain focused ahead.

It’s hard to be patient when we really want something. Most things worth having require effort and take time to achieve. Big goals, and far away destinations may require much and take a long time. It doesn’t matter how long it takes us to get to the goal. What matters is that we are pointed in the right direction and determined to win. One small step forward will move us closer, and in time, however long that takes, we will succeed.

Today if you’ve been pushing toward a big goal for a while, and the end is still far away, be patient. Plan your time wisely and move ahead a little each day. Nothing is out of reach, and you have everything you need to succeed. Trust yourself, and be confident. You are more powerful than you imagine and you will win.


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