Popping My Balloon

8 Nov

Everyone has their own dreams and desires, goals they want to accomplish and places they want to go. We’re all different and what’s important to one may not be even a consideration for another. We can design our lives any way we like and when we’re headed toward a goal and things are going well, we feel confident and content. A big red balloon is delightful and children love to walk along with one floating over their heads. They like to look up and see it there, and having it may bring them a lot of joy. But life is uncertain, and for reasons we can’t possibly understand, someone may come along with a big, sharp pin, reach up and pop it. If that happens, there may be much grief and despair over its loss. Our dreams and desires can feel like that big, red balloon. When we’re anxiously engaged in making them ours, and are making great progress, we may walk with a bounce in our step, confident of success. If someone comes along and tells us we’ll never succeed, and undermines our confidence, the balloon may pop, and we may be left standing alone, bereft and unsure. It’s hard to know why anyone would try to steal someone else’s dreams. Maybe they’re unhappy and want those around them to be unhappy as well. Maybe they get a lot of power from hurting someone else. Whatever their reasons, if they cross our path and interfere with our plans, they may cause us a great deal of distress. We know who we are and what we want, and can do anything we like. We don’t need agreement or approval to do anything we desire and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about our plans. Our lives belong to us and by choosing what we want the most, and then doing what is needed to make it ours, we will gain great satisfaction and happiness. Every dream is possible, and we have everything we need to succeed.

Everyone has their own inspiration about what they want to do. Nobody can possibly know us better than we know ourselves, and our vision for our lives is unique and specific. Some people think they know what other people need and they may give us advice and suggestions for moving forward. They may tell us to “Go here, do this, don’t do that,” or other ideas they think are in our best interest. We’re all entitled to our own opinions, and they will vary, but we know what we want. We can trust ourselves to make the best choices and be confident we will prevail.

Conformity can make things easier. Situations are often simpler to navigate if everyone is doing the same things. Following along with others might be easier, but their roads will never take us where we want to go. Our destinations are ours to choose, and we can chart our own course. There are endless possibilities, and when we’re ready, we can do anything we desire and go anywhere we want. The whole world is there for us, and nothing can keep us from success.

Today if something has happened that has stopped you in your tracks, look at everything objectively. The goal is still possible, and there is a way forward. Decide how you want to proceed, and step forward. All your dreams are possible, and nothing can keep you from reaching them. Every success is there for you, and you will reach them all.


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