Staying In

28 Jun

Life is full of opportunities and options. We can do anything we like, and can focus on what we want the most. Nobody gets everything for free, and our goals won’t come to us without effort. We must work for what we want and pave our own roads forward. Sometimes things will go well and we’ll advance and move ahead without much discomfort. Other times we may face serious complications. If the road is complex and difficult, we may take a wrong turn and go a long way in the wrong direction before we realize it. Once we discover the error, we can do what is necessary to correct our course, and continue on. Cross country races are hard to run. There are lots of obstacles that may get in the way, hills to climb, roads to cross and dozens of things may go wrong. We might twist our ankle on a pothole, or fall and scrape the skin off our legs. As we stand bloody, and wounded, we might consider stopping. It may feel the race is harder than we can manage. But no matter what has happened or what lies ahead, we will have the reserves we need to succeed. We can stand back up, wipe the sweat and muck away, and push ahead. Falling doesn’t end the journey. If we fall again, we can rise once more. Others may pass us and we may lag behind, but we don’t have to be first across the finish line to accomplish the goal. There is only failure if we quit. If we stay in the race we will get to the destination and reach success. Every dream is possible if we’re willing to do what is needed to make it ours. Some things will be easy, but others will test us, and push us to our limits. If we keep our eyes focused on the goal, nothing will prevent us from reaching it. The whole world is there for us and there isn’t anything we can’t do. We already have all the courage and wisdom we need to go anywhere and do anything. By trusting ourselves, and continuing forward no matter what happens, we will succeed.

Everyone has their own ideas about how they think life should go. We may make plans to accomplish something that’s important to us, only to discover that accomplishing it will take far more time and effort than we imagined in the beginning. We can always change our plans if we don’t want to go through what is required to get to the goal, but if it’s important and we want it, it doesn’t matter how hard it will be to achieve it. We can set our focus on the road ahead and begin. When complications arise, we can find our way through them. If problems come up, we will solve them. We are capable and strong, and can do anything we desire.

Our lives are ours to design. If we want to take the easy road, and just accept what comes our way, we can. We can just follow along and sit in the back seat. But if we want the lives we dream of, we can make a plan to achieve what we want the most, and push ahead until we reach it. Our personal happiness is our own responsibility. The world isn’t going to create the perfect life for us, but with persistence and attention, we can create it for ourselves.

Today if the road is long and rocky, and you’ve fallen and aren’t sure you can succeed, decide what you want the most. You are more powerful than you think you are, and nothing is out of reach. Stand strong and step ahead. Every dream is there for you, and you will make them yours.


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