Perception and Reality

17 Jun

Life is complicated, and there may be times when our situation suddenly changes and what was possible is no longer available. Maybe we have an unexpected health issue that requires restrictions and commitments that are difficult, or a relationship that has changed that impacts us, or a thousand other things. Nobody gets a paved road to every destination, and there will be times when the going gets rough. Once we understand the situation, we may be confident we can handle it, but as each day passes, and we begin to tire, we may start to wonder if we can keep going. It’s very hard to stay focused and positive on a long, long difficult journey. If we must adapt to a situation that requires us to accept a new normal, we may feel overwhelmed and dispirited. Change isn’t easy but a lot of how we feel depends on our perception. If all we see are the things we can’t do, or the things we must alter, we may get overwhelmed. But we can look at the situation another way. No matter what’s happening, there will still be many things we can do and do well. We can find comfort once we identify what we can accomplish, even with restrictions we must acknowledge. If we’re stuck in the same location and can’t move, we can find new ways to meet others and get involved in new projects. If we can no longer participate in physical activities we love, we can find ways to modify the activity so it works for us. Life is full of possibilities, and we are the only ones who can hold us down and keep us from progressing. Things won’t always be easy, but there will always be a way to move forward. We are wiser and more capable than we think we are, and nothing can keep us from success.

Relationships are important, and when we love someone, we want to be there for them and support them. If they have an issue that needs a lot of attention and effort, and we offer our help, our lives will be impacted as we dedicate the time they need. If the situation is on-going and long lasting, we may begin to struggle with the sacrifice. It isn’t selfish to step away to take time for ourselves and recharge. Those we love are important, but we must take care of ourselves first. We can give and still make sure our personal needs are met.

If we’re facing something that requires us to make a lot of changes moving forward, we may feel unsure and overwhelmed. It’s hard to find comfort when everything we’re used to disappears, and we must continue on a foreign road with no end in sight. But we are strong and can manage anything that comes. There will always be a way around any complication, and every answer is there. We can be open to all the possibilities, and with careful thought and confidence, be sure we will prevail.

Today if the road ahead has changed, and you must modify your plans moving forward, look at all the possibilities available. There will still be a way to achieve your goals. Trust yourself and step forward with clarity and confidence. Nothing can hold you down indefinitely. Every success is still possible, and you will make them yours.

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