Nothing To See Here

19 Apr

We all make dozens of choices every day. Life is busy and can be complicated, and the decisions we make now can have a serious impact on what happens next. We all want to make good choices that bring us the results we most desire, but we aren’t perfect, and we will make mistakes. Sometimes we make a bad choice because we didn’t get all the facts beforehand, or someone else manipulated the situation, or we just took a wrong turn. It happens, and when it happens to us, we may be very uncomfortable. Although we know what we’ve done, we may try to escape the blame by hiding, or pretending we have no idea how everything went awry. We might say, “It wasn’t me. Nothing to see here.” We can deny our part in any situation, but truth has a way of revealing itself, and if we’ve lied, our dishonesty will come back to bite us. Everyone falters from time to time, and it’s best to simply admit our mistake and then do what’s necessary to fix it. We are accountable for everything we do – good or bad. Falling down doesn’t mean we’re useless and complete failures. It just shows us what didn’t work and gives us the chance to try again. We are strong enough and wise enough to recognize where we went wrong and find the answers we need to correct our course and continue forward. A wrong turn doesn’t end our journey. The road is still there for us and after we repair what’s been broken and amend what’s gone wrong, we have every opportunity to try again. Life is full of chances. If we make a mistake the first time, we can start over. If we get it wrong again, we can try another time. Nothing can keep us from success if we’re willing to do what is needed to reach it. Every single dream is possible, and if we stay the course, and remain focused on the goal, we will achieve greatness.

When we say something, people believe us. If we don’t tell the truth, once we’re exposed and our lies are laid bare, we will lose the trust of those around us. Our relationships will suffer and may never be completely restored. We can trust ourselves and those around us enough to always be honest, even when the news is bad. Our integrity and honesty are worth more than we can imagine, and by being truthful, we will build connections and open doors ahead.

There is no way to change the past. Once something happens, it will stand forever. Trying to paint a bad choice with pretty colors will not change the facts. Truth is truth. If we’ve made a big mistake, we can look at where we went wrong, and think about all the options possible for us to repair the situation and move forward. Nothing is permanent and everything can be changed. We can trust ourselves to find the way ahead and begin again.

Today if you’ve made a big mistake and you’re worried and embarrassed, step forward and stand tall. Nobody expects perfection. Look at everything openly and clearly, and decide how you want to proceed. Every success is still there for you and nothing can keep you from it. Be confident, and sure. You have so much to offer, and you will succeed.


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