Jekyll Factor

9 Mar

People are complex and we all have many facets to our personalities. Some of us are introverts, remaining calm and quiet most of the time. Others are more outgoing and like to actively interact with those around them. People are unique and unpredictable and there is no way to know what they will do. If things are going well, they may be easy going and friendly, but if events turn and they are agitated, they may suddenly become angry and aggressive. We may be taken by surprise by our own response or those around us. This may be aggravated when outside influences impact our personal control. If we are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we may seem the same or everything may change. Like changing from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde, we might manifest behaviors that are the exact opposite of who we are in otherwise normal conditions. Whether from outside influences or the situation we’re in, if that happens, it may affect our lives in ways that impact our relationships and impede our progress. If we act out in ways that are hurtful or destructive, it may be hard to repair the damage once we return to normal. It’s hard to trust people who are volatile and erratic. We don’t know which personality we’ll be dealing with, and that may create a chasm between us and those around us. We are in control of our lives and are free to choose anything we like, but we are not free to choose the consequences of those choices. If we continue to do things that break the trust of those around us and damage our relationships, we may find ourselves all alone, somewhere we never wanted to go. We are smart enough to make good, wise choices and can pave the road ahead to the destinations we most desire. With clarity and determination, we can find great success and build the lives we want the most. Nothing is out of reach, and we have everything we need to prevail.

Our relationships are important to us, and we all want strong, healthy connections to those we love and care about. But building good relationships takes effort and attention. If we routinely trade them off for a quick thrill or step away to do things that put barriers between us, we will never achieve the goal. Nothing is more rewarding or brings more happiness than the bonds we build with those we love. By making our relationships a priority, we will gain great peace and satisfaction, and our lives will be enriched.

The pull of the world can be great. It’s easy to be lured away from what we want most for what we want at the moment. Immediate gratification is a constant temptation, and we may give in to it instead of doing what is needed for long term happiness. We deserve complete happiness and with patience and wisdom, can make decisions that will enable us to reach it. Every blessing is there for us, and every dream is possible. We can trust ourselves to find the answers we need to reach every goal.

Today if you’re thinking about stepping away for an immediate thrill, consider your personal goals. You are a blessing to the world and your light lifts us all. Decide what you want the most, and step forward to claim it. Everything is possible. You are amazing and powerful, and nothing is out of reach. Success is waiting.

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