Standing Alone

23 Oct

Most of us are born into some kind of family unit, often with others around us much of the time.  As we grow we learn from watching them, talking to them, and living our lives alongside them.  As adults we may have large groups of people we communicate with every day or small gatherings where we share our lives.  We may become partners, friends and companions, or make different types of connections to those around us.  As children, if we’ve had a strong family experience, we may believe that everyone in the world will help us and guide us along as we grow.  When we first step into adulthood we soon realize we are the only ones really looking out for us and our successes depend solely on our personal determination and direction. No matter how close our ties are, and no matter how many connections we make we are independently living our lives.  Nobody can live our lives for us and we stand alone in every choice we make.  We choose our own way forward every day.  We are strong and powerful and no matter where we are or what is going on we have everything we need to manage our lives effectively.  There isn’t a problem too complex for us to solve and even in the most difficult of times we will find our way through.  We stand alone with every decision but standing alone isn’t a deterrent.  It allows us to independently choose our own path and reach any destination we desire.

Some people like to have others around them all the time.  They like to engage them with every decision they make and feel more confident if someone else helps them make choices.  While it’s helpful to get advice when we need it, if we rely on others to help us make every decision we may forget we have everything we need already to choose wisely.  We know what we want and can confidently determine what we want to do and where we want to go.  We can be sure of our ability to make excellent decisions and move forward toward success.

Understanding that we are ultimately living our lives independently doesn’t mean we don’t need or want others around us.  It’s good to make connections and build relationships that make life more enjoyable.  We can share our lives as much as we like and allow others to get close.  Being able to make decisions on our own and respect our personal self-reliance doesn’t preclude us from allowing others to connect with us.  We can be part of a group and still maintain our personal autonomy.  We can be strong standing alone even when we stand side by side.  Our lives belong to us and we own every decision we make.  We can be strong, wise, careful and confident.  The world is ours for the taking and success is always there for us.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and do well.

Today if you’ve been leaning on others to help you make decisions, remember how strong and capable you are.  You already know what you want and have everything you need to find success.  There is greatness in you.  Nothing will stop you from winning.  Stand strong and go forward with confidence.  The road ahead is there for you and you will reach every destination.


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