Stepping Up

1 Aug

As we go through our lives we decide every day what we will do and who we will be. When we’re children our perception of things is innocent and simple. Our behaviors are mostly reactions to what we go through and we have little control over our temperament. As we get older we see things more deeply and understand the complexities of life, and if we’re wise learn to respond thoughtfully to situations instead of merely react. If we want to be successful, the grudges and tantrums of childhood must be replaced by reasoning and self-control. The behaviors and traits we have as children are charming when we’re children but may be destructive if we hang onto them into adulthood. There are few things more disturbing than adults who behave like children. Every day we live we learn more about ourselves and those around us and have the opportunity to grow into greater understanding about our lives. If we persist in holding onto childish behavior, tantrums, or other emotional immaturity, we may cripple our ability to be trusted and move forward. Learning to step up into adulthood opens doors and allows us to continue successfully toward any goal we desire. We can change any immature trait that is holding us back and find a better way to continue ahead. We can let go of behaviors that suspend our progress and find our way more easily toward every destination we desire.

We may find security in hanging onto old behaviors that are outgrown. We may keep the patterns of childhood in our living arrangements and daily schedules, however, if we hold onto childish emotional behaviors we may find it difficult to relate to other adults. It’s very hard to have a discussion with someone who is unhappy and throwing a tantrum instead of working the problem and finding a solution. We can be brave enough to step into adulthood and embrace our ability to grow and move forward. We don’t need to hold onto old behaviors we’ve outgrown and can find a new road going forward that will bring us success.

Becoming a true adult and learning to stand strong on our own doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice to find what works and discover our own personal path going forward. We can be patient and learn from every opportunity and when we feel old patterns creeping in we can look at them and choose the best way forward. We know what we want and we know how to get it. We are strong enough and wise enough to find our way to live successfully and reach any destination we choose.

Today if you’ve been holding onto old patterns that no longer work, take the time you need to find another way forward. You can change anything and choose options that take you where you want to go. You deserve every happiness. Take the time you need to make sure you reach for it in ways that will bring you success. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Today make the best decisions and they will bring you the best results.

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