16 May

It would be great if everything we chose went well and the desired outcomes always came to us. But life is filled with unknowns and surprises. Others may make unexpected decisions that impact us or there may be unseen forces affecting our plans and suddenly the road ahead is blocked and we have to turn around. Setbacks come and when they do we have to start again and find another way. We aren’t defined by them and we don’t need to be stopped by them. They don’t prevent us from accomplishing our end goal but they may prevent us from continuing forward on the road we’re on. We only fail if we stop moving forward and we never need to stop if we want to achieve the goal. If we suffer a setback, we can start again. If we have another one, we can start again once more. Some goals take time and we may need to work around several obstacles to get there but we can take our time and continually readjust until we find the way. There is rarely a straight line to success. Often, we move forward by turning left here, right there, backing up a bit and starting again. We know what we want to do and we have all the wisdom and patience we need to accomplish anything we choose. If we get stalled, we can start again and succeed. There is nothing too complex or difficult for us to achieve.

When salmon are spawning, they must swim upriver against the flow of water. It’s hard work, there are other fish in the way and if the river is powerful it takes enormous strength to swim against it. But the goal is life and the motivation is powerful enough to push them forward despite how difficult it becomes. We aren’t salmon but there may be times when what we want to do goes against the easy flow forward. We may have to press against the tide and we may suffer setbacks. If we quit the first time things go wrong we have no hope of success. We can keep our eyes focused on the goal and when things get in the way we can find a way around them and keep moving forward.

If others don’t agree with the road we’ve chosen they may try to convince us to revise our plans. They may believe they know what we need better than we do and pressure us to give up the journey. Nobody will ever know us better than we know ourselves. We know what we want to accomplish and we know what we need. Even if everything stands in front of us our motivation is sufficient to take us through. Our lives are ours to define and we deserve every success. If we are focused and determined, setbacks will not stop us, opinions will not deter us and we will win.

Today if you’re moving toward a dream you want to accomplish and there is something in your way, step around it and re-chart the way forward. You can go anywhere you want to go and do anything you want to do. There is no setback strong enough to stop you. Keep your eyes on the goal and take another step. Success is right there for you. One more step and you’ll reach it.


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