Prove It

7 Nov

Sometimes when we’re involved with others and they want to be sure of our commitment they may ask us to prove our allegiance. They may want us to do something to prove we’ll stay the course. If we’ve wavered in our commitments in the past an additional reassurance may be requested. Whether we like it or not, others watch us and notice what we do, and what we say. If we are honest in all our dealings and have proven over time that we will keep our word, such requests aren’t necessary. If we are true to our word, keep our commitments, and are always honest and fair, we’ll be trusted. However, if we manipulate the truth to suit our needs, change our minds as things develop, or fail to show it will be harder for others to believe us when we agree to anything. History has a way of following us around and if that history is unreliable, it may be hard to shake. We are what we do and it’s impossible to prevent others from seeing our true selves.

Living well takes effort. It’s so easy to lie and manipulate the truth when what’s real doesn’t suit us or negatively impacts us. We can pretend things are different than they are, that we’ve done things differently than we have, and that we didn’t mean to do something that caused discomfort. It takes very little energy to change a story when the truth is inconvenient. But everything we do becomes part of our personal legacy. Those around us see everything – even the things we don’t think they see. They notice when we lie about the check at the restaurant, or say we called when we didn’t, or pretend we didn’t hear them when we’re really ignoring them. Dishonesty always uncovers itself in the end. Even if we get away with it for a time, it will catch up to us and be exposed. And those around us will learn they can’t trust us, even if we give our word.

If we want to have the trust of those around us we must choose to be honest in everything we do. There is no sliding scale for honesty, it doesn’t depend on situations, and it’s not arbitrary. Honesty is simply living truthfully no matter what. If we make a mistake, we must own it. If we drop the ball on a commitment, we must do what is needed to repair the situation. We can be open and honest about our shortcomings whatever they are and then do what is needed to correct them. Nobody is perfect and we all falter from time to time. If we are honest about our lives and choose in every instance to be forthcoming and clear about the truth, those around us will trust us and open doors for us. Thomas Jefferson said, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” As we seek for wisdom, we must first seek to be honest. If we do, we will never have to prove ourselves to others. Our actions will be all the proof we need.

Today if you’ve been changing the truth to make things easier, choose to live in complete honesty. You can make excellent choices and correct anything you need to going forward. Be the best you can be and let others trust you and know who you really are. Be the light of truth and set the example to those around you. The trust you earn will be worth more than you can imagine.

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