The Whole Story

29 Aug

There may be times in our lives when we get wrapped up in a situation so tightly and are so close to an issue we can’t see it clearly.  We may have suspicions things aren’t exactly as they seem but if we’re too close, even if we have doubts, we may neglect to see the whole story.  Personal desire can be very powerful and if we want a situation to be real we can ignore important cues and refuse to look at things objectively.  If others want us to believe something that isn’t true and manipulate us to keep us from seeing the truth, it can be hard to sort things out.  Misdirection, mixed messages, and dishonesty can make us believe something that isn’t real.  If we are courageous and refuse to ignore promptings that things aren’t as they seem, we can find our way.  But if we’re caught up and very much want things to be real we may look away.  As long as we refuse to see the whole story we may live in the land of fiction, and we will stay there until we’re ready to see what is true.  We deserve truth in our lives.  We can face anything openly and see it as it really is.  When we’re ready to see the truth, we can manage whatever we find.

Some people have powerful personal agendas that drive them to do anything to achieve them.  They don’t care if they are dishonest, they don’t care who gets hurt, and they don’t care what they have to do to get to their goal.  If we become entangled with them they may do things that make us believe things that aren’t true.  If they don’t care about anything but themselves they may deceive us and we may be hurt.  If we value them and believe we have a close relationship with them, we may be hurt badly.  But we don’t have to believe anything without proving it first.  We can listen objectively and evaluate what is real.  We are smart enough and wise enough to discern truth and if we set personal feelings aside and see the situation objectively we will find it.  Truth is the only thing that is constant.  It may be ignored for a time but it will always surface.  Seeking it and listening to it will help us find our way through any situation.

There is nothing wrong with desiring to achieve goals.  It’s good to be ambitious and self-directed.  But if all we see is the goal and are willing to pay any price to achieve it we may become selfish and merciless manipulating others to move us forward.  We are better than that and are accountable for everything we do.  We can achieve anything we want and we can choose to do it nobly.  It is far better to move forward with honesty and bring others along with us through motivation and kindness.  We can do anything and we can do it with honor.  If we do what is best and achieve our goals honorably we will become the people we most want to be.  And our example will inspire those around us and make a positive impact on the world.

Today if you feel something isn’t right in a situation you’re living, step back and look at it objectively.  You will find the answers and see the best way forward.  If you are trying to accomplish a goal and are highly motivated to make it a reality, bring others along by treating them with respect and being honest.  You can do anything.  You are strong and wise.  Show that strength and wisdom in all you do, and be the best you can be.


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