Not So Common

6 Jul

We’re all familiar with common sense and generally it’s a good idea to pay attention to it.  When we have a problem, there are things we know will work based on our experiences and the experiences of others.  When we’re confused and trying to find our way, we can use common sense to help figure things out.  But sometimes because we don’t care, or we’re determined to do something a certain way we may ignore the more sensible approach and choose a path that is unproven or unsure.  If we try to outsmart our common sense we might succeed, or we may go down in flames.  We can use our intellect to justify a choice that’s outside the box and risky, or we can just storm ahead for any reason at all.  If we want to we can find lots of reasons for going one way over another.  But common sense is usually sound judgment and oftentimes proven to work.  We can ignore it if we’re determined to go another way, and we can try to outsmart it but that may not take us where we want to go.  We can choose the unknown path over the paved road anytime we want to but the journey will often be more difficult or even treacherous.  If we really want to succeed it’s wise to listen to sound judgment and consider the proven path.

Using our intellect to figure out problems or questions is wise.  We can weigh all the options, consider each solution and determine what works best.  But if our emotions are highly involved in the situation we may not see things clearly.  If we really want something to go a certain way and we aren’t sure it will we may choose answers that are extreme or risky.  We might push the edge of sound reasoning thinking it will help us get what we want.  That might work but if it doesn’t we may find ourselves further from the goal than where we started.  We don’t always have to do things the way they’ve been done before and we can certainly devise any plan we want to.  Sometimes our ideas will work and sometimes they won’t but ignoring answers we know will succeed isn’t generally in our best interest.

Every situation is different and unique and there are always unforeseen complications.  Even if we do everything possible to solve a problem we may still miss the mark.  Thankfully, few decisions we make are etched in stone and unchangeable.  Most often if the first try doesn’t get us where we want to go, we can try again.  We don’t fail unless we quit trying.  We aren’t defeated simply because the first answer didn’t work out.  We can try again.  We can modify our plans, adjust our trajectory, re-direct our course and go forward.  There isn’t anything too complex for us to unravel.  We have everything we need to succeed.

Today if you’re trying to solve a problem and what you’ve done so far isn’t working, think about the issue openly and see if there isn’t an answer you’ve missed.  Think about what’s worked in the past and consider the situation logically.  You’ll find the solution and successfully work the problem.  You are wise enough and smart enough to figure out anything that comes and you will succeed.

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