Wishes and Dreams

29 Mar

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”  Antoine de Saint Exupery

We all have ideas about things we want in our lives.  We think about them, hope for them, and dream about them.  We can fill our lives up thinking about the things we want to happen and what we want to do.  Maybe we want a better job or a nicer car, or want to spend more time doing something or seeing someone, or want to learn something we’ve been pondering.  Thinking is fine, but thinking about them only takes us through the idea of what they would be like.  It doesn’t make anything happen.  We can set all the goals we want, and have all the dreams we desire, but if we don’t make a plan to accomplish them, nothing will change.  The very first step in any change is to plan for it.  Our lives are busy and the days fly by.  We can talk about what we’re going to do, what we’re going to accomplish or what we’re going to get, until the end of time.  But if we do nothing, they will never become reality.

We know when we want something in our lives.  We feel it, we yearn for it, and at times can think of nothing more.  The desire is there but making goals a reality in our lives takes more than desire – it takes action.  Sometimes we don’t move forward because we are afraid we won’t succeed.   Sometimes reaching for the goal means we have to do something intimidating.  Any time we reach for something new we’re going to be in unfamiliar territory.  That’s what change is all about.  If we want something different we have to be willing to step where we’ve never been before.  There will be uncertainty because we don’t know the terrain, and we haven’t walked the path in the past.  But we are certainly brave enough to process differences and find our way.  There is no path so difficult or complicated we can’t figure it out.

Making a plan is imperative to making a change.  When there is no plan there is no direction, and things stay ambiguous and undefined.  But if we decide we’re ready to go forward, make a plan, and then set a date to begin, we will find success.  Just letting things happen will only allow us to experience what comes to us without any thought.  If we want to do anything, we need direction and focus.  There isn’t anything we can’t accomplish but we need to plan to succeed to make it happen.  We can leave our lives up to chance and maybe the things we want will come to us – maybe they won’t.  But if we really want them, we can take the chance out of the equation, and by planning make them real.  We deserve the lives we want most.  And if we direct our lives where we want them to go, we can have everything we’re seeking.

Today if you’ve been waiting for your dreams to come true, start making a plan to make them a reality.  There isn’t anything you can’t accomplish.  Think about what you really want and then decide how to get it.  Everything is waiting for you.  You can reach any goal you set your mind to.  Start today, and soon all your dreams will come true.

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