10 Dec

Sometimes when we think about ourselves we may underrate our true value because of something we don’t feel we measure up to.  Perhaps we don’t look like super models or that guy on the fitness commercials, maybe we aren’t influential speakers, or perhaps we don’t think we’re smart enough.  Sometimes we demean ourselves because we haven’t yet achieved the level of success we aspire to, or don’t make the money we think we should.  There are limitless things we can measure ourselves against, and often when we do, we feel we aren’t good enough.  But that’s a dangerous and detrimental game to play.  The truth is, we are all exactly who we need to be at this point in time.  We can’t be anything other right now than what we are.  We can make changes if we want to, and if they’re important to us.  However, right now we are enough just as we are.

Personal glory is an attribute we all share.  Glory is defined as magnificence, renown or honor.  We all have things we do well, traits that are exemplary, and distinctive and unique features to our personalities that are beneficial and valuable.  All of those are magnificent and honorable.  And every day we have the chance to share them with the world.  Even the most meek and timid among us has a lot to offer.  We don’t have to be millionaires or kings to have an impact.  We need only be who we are, and share ourselves with those around us.  When we do our very best, or when we choose what is right and noble and true, we express our personal glory.  If we let it shine every day, those around us will be magnified and embellished, and will treasure their interactions with us.

We can express our glory in many ways.  When we extend our friendship and our hands to help, when we forgive, and when we offer a little more and have compassion, we glorify those around us.  When we make noble choices, when we honor others, and when we praise them for their good works, we share glory with them.  It’s something we all have, but we don’t always acknowledge it.  If we really shared how much we have to offer every single day, we would change the world.  We can be excellent examples, we can choose to make wise choices, and we can enrich our experiences by recognizing and expressing our personal glory every day.  It’s a valuable blessing, and sharing it is our privilege and choice.

Today, remember your personal glory.  Open up and share your gifts with those around you.  Show them your valiance, your commitment, and your care.  We need each other and we need you.  You are exactly how you should be today.  You don’t need to be anything more right now.  Be confident.  You have so much to share, and the world is better because you’re here.

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