20 Sep

Nobody is good at everything. We all do some things well, some things very well, and there are some things we struggle with. They say where there’s a will there’s a way, and often that applies, but there are some gifts we just don’t possess. Perhaps we always wanted to be a ballet dancer but our body can’t manage the rigorous training demands. Maybe we want to be a great singer but we are tone deaf. We have many dreams we hope to achieve, and it’s hard to admit defeat when we want to accomplish something, and can’t make it happen. We can’t always get what we want, and some things will elude us despite our desires and efforts. When that happens it’s important to remember we aren’t failures. It’s impossible to do everything, and although we may not succeed at one thing, we are good at many other things.

Sometimes when we set our sights on a new and lofty goal, we get support from those around us, and sometimes we don’t. There are plenty of people who will try to discourage us no matter what we’re aiming for. Their motivations are theirs and have nothing to do with our decisions. We can try to do anything we choose to and we don’t need the approval of others to go forward. When we have encouragement it makes the task easier as we learn, and if we falter, it’s comforting to have someone in our corner cheering us on. If we succeed, they will rejoice with us. We’ll be happy and feel confident. But sometimes success isn’t possible. When that happens, even if we’re unhappy, we can still feel confident because we tried. We dared to to go after something we wanted. We gave it our all.  And we should cherish that.

Disappointment comes in many ways. It can be insignificant, or it can be devastating. When we are seriously upset over a crushing disappointment, it’s hard to look forward. What we hoped for, and what we wanted so badly, is out of our reach. If we don’t have a choice we must let it go. It can feel like we’re losing something important, and it can hurt badly. But we always have options. There are countless opportunities in life, and although a serious setback is painful, we can overcome it and focus on something new. The important thing is to try. We never know how far we can go if we never stretch to see what’s possible. Talking about what we want is only the first step. Trying to accomplish it, even if we fail, brings us strength, understanding, and a greater sense of confidence.

Today if you’re trying to do something new, do the best you can to make it work. No matter what happens, you’ll feel confident and strong. Reach for the stars. Go forward with courage.  Reaching will bring you blessings. You’ll learn more about yourself, and you’ll be happy knowing you did the best you could.

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