Line in the Sand

26 Apr

We all have limits and there comes a time when they arrive. We’ve had enough. We’re done. We’re drawing the line in the sand. We aren’t going any further. Maybe this happens in our romantic relationships, maybe it concerns work, and maybe it’s a family situation we can’t tolerate anymore. Whatever the reason, we’ve reached our limit, and we are done. We’re over it.

Drawing a line in the sand doesn’t mean we are at a full stop. It means we want to change our direction. Our course needs to be corrected. The path we’ve been on, and the things we’ve been doing aren’t working. They are causing us heartache, or pain, or both. We took it as long as we could, and now we have to change. There is nothing wrong with changing our courses, and ending a situation we can no longer tolerate. We are in charge of ourselves, and we get to choose when, and how we want to proceed.

But before we throw our hands up, and say “ENOUGH!”, and make the decision to turn completely away, we should first take some time to identify exactly what we want in the long run. Sometimes we don’t have to totally end what we’re doing to get there, and a modification is all that’s called for. We can adjust the plan, we can amend the decision, and we can turn a little to the right or to the left to fix things. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of communicating more effectively. Sometimes it’s a transient situation that will work itself out, and we are over reacting. Sometimes we’re just tired of waiting for things to change, and our patience has worn thin. We may not want to stop everything in its tracks, but it seems like the only answer.

Are you fed up with a situation in your life? Have you had enough of dealing with it, waiting for it, coping with it, and are thinking about drawing that line in the sand? Take a moment to think objectively about the results of walking away before you plunge ahead. Be sure the end result is what you want. If it is, go for it. Walk away. Tear off the rear view mirror, and proceed ahead. But if the end result isn’t where you want to go, think about the situation again, and see if there’s a way to alter your course so that you can stay in, and still be comfortable. There is nothing wrong with drawing a line in the sand. Nothing at all. Just be sure before you make the decision you understand where it will take you. And remember, proceed with caution. Once you make the change, nothing will be the same.

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